Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I love her, I love her, I love her.

Lexi is my beast friend. There was no typo there. She turns 30 here in just under two months. Her husband forced her to move away from her friends in Seattle to Washington D.C. (if for no other reason that to confuse people when they asked where she moved from she says "Washington")  so she's not around any of her good friends for this momentous occasion. It saddens me. It saddens her. So, I think we should do something fabulous.  I think EVERYONE I KNOW should send their condolences in the form of COLD HARD CASH to 2405 North Underwood Street, Arlington, VA 22205. You can start today. Or send her something awesome. Or just tell her how cool you think she is.

Because between you and me and this blog, she's got some serious self-esteem issues. And if you sent her cash, she could get all of that hair removed from her face! That would help!

If you don't like sending cash in the mail, no worries, she takes gift cards. Also, someone buy me a plane ticket to D.C. so I can hang out with her and talk her down from whatever ledge she's perched on.

Not a plain ticket, that would be tacky.


  1. she's younger than me?
    now I don't like her anymore...though I share the facial hair problem..sigh
    and good call getting people to send gifts...I got lots from my readers this past year

  2. Holy cow. I nearly died laughing! How did I miss this?! Ha ha ha ha!